Working Groups

RIM working groups build on our mission and vision by facilitating strategic collaboration of industry practitioners around the industry’s most pressing risk management issues.

Working Group’s Objective

The objective of RIM working group is to practically enhance Risk Management Graduation Model, in order to develop and share more appropriate risk management standards, tools and practices with RIM members and microfinance industry at large.

Working Group Member

Working Group members are RIM individual and organizational members who voluntarily contribute their time, effort, and expertise to practically enhance Risk Management Graduation Model within the scope of each group’s specific goals and outputs.

Working Group Organization

  1. RIM Working Group Coordinator
    • Supports each working group to clearly define its objective, outputs, work plan to enhance RIM’s Risk Management Graduation Model for practical purpose.
    • Observe working group meetings, as needed, for facilitation support
    • Liaise with RIM’s staff (copy editor, graphic designer, learning management) to ensure professional dissemination of working group’s outputs to RIM members.
  2. Working Group Chair
    • Leads the group with a shared sense of purpose and facilitates meetings
    • Manages the group members’ contribution to deliver expected outputs
    • Communicates any RIM support needs to Working Group Coordinator
    • 1 year commitment
  3. Working Group Secretaries (2)
    • Records meeting minutes
    • Schedules meetings
    • 6 month rotation between 2 secretary
    • Distribute minutes
    • Warehouses minutes in google drive

If you are interested in joining a working group, please contact Sa-Eun Park

Note: Participation in working groups is a member benefit.  For more information related to membership, visit our membership page.


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