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RIM is a collaborative market strengthening initiative aimed at promoting and supporting the implementation of stronger, more appropriate risk management in the microfinance sector.

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Our working groups are focused on important topics such as: Network Risk Reporting, Fraud Risk Management in Emerging Technologies, Operational Risk Management, and Creating a Stronger Risk Culture in Microfinance.


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State of the Industry

“Very few organizations look at risk in a comprehensive way instead of realizing that it forms the foundation of their strategy.”

CSFI Banana Skins Survey 2016

“Not all institutions are aware of the importance of good risk management, and many still deem risk management as an extra cost with no value-added.”

Georgina VázquezSenior Manager at Omtrix in Costa Rica

“Many MFIs engage in risk management efforts due in part to pressures they face from regulators or investors rather than from a deep appreciation of risk management and the social and financial value it can bring to an institution.”

Respondent2014 Banana Skins Report

“Meanwhile, the rapid growth of digital finance is creating a whole new category of risks that are largely unknown. As always, lessons will be learned through hardship.”

Daniel RozasSenior Analyst at e-MFP/MIMOSA, Belgium

“Risk is fast becoming dynamic in a very unpredictable industry. Management needs to be on constant lookout for new risk characteristics so that they can easily be identified quite early and a mitigation plan devised.”

Elijah Chol YakManaging Director of the South Sudan Microfinance Development Facility

“The market was quickly flooded with credit. Risk management went out of the window.”

Bruce Whitfield Speaking to the collapse of African Bank

“…many microfinance businesses have failed because their managers lacked the requisite skill and knowledge to understand the risks associated with their operations.”

Ekow Essabra-Mensah

“Many institutions do not yet have an internal risk department; they depend on external audit which most of the time does not get to the bottom of the issues that are exposing the institution [to risk].”

Elijah Chol YakManaging Director of the South Sudan Microfinance Development Facility

“After years in which observers have favourably contrasted the relative stability of African banking with the financial sector chaos in Europe and the US, it seems that three critical perils – mismanagement, political interference and economic woes – are conspiring to transform the landscape of African banking into a decidedly treacherous place for depositors and investors.”

Mark NapierDirector - Capital Markets, Financial Inclusion at FSD Africa