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Internal / MFI Toolkit

RIM has developed the Institution Assessment Toolkit for Internal Assessors as a step-by-step technical guide for assessors of microfinance institutions. This guide is divided into two sections:

  1. Overview
  2. Technical Guide

The overview is written for board members and executives of microfinance institutions to provide an overview of RIM and the Graduation Model framework: how it was developed, who it was developed for, and its applications and global use. Similarly, it provides an overview of the Internal Institution Assessment process, RIM’s role and available support during that process, and the broad structure of this Institution Assessment Guide.

The Technical Guide is aimed at Institution’s Graduation Model Champion and provides a 7-step guidance on the technical implementation of the Internal Institution Assessment process. At each of these steps, the toolkit is accompanied by practical tips and tools that should inform the internal assessor’s implementation of the RIM Graduation Model Internal Assessment.

Practical Tools

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