Network Risk Reporting Working Group


RIM has established its Graduation Model as a meaningful framework and set of guidelines for risk management best practices. Using the Graduation Model, MFIs can establish their own risk management frameworks based on the size and scope of their operations. But for stakeholders and shareholders of network banks and MFIs, it can be a challenge to receive coherent risk management reports at the group level.

Building on RIM’s mission and vision

The activities of the Network Risk Reporting Working Group build on RIM’s mission and vision by providing a forum for establishing  reporting guidelines and recommendations for MFIs of different tier levels as a group or network in an aggregated, meaningful, reasonable and appropriate way. The resulting guidelines will establish recommendations for network risk reporting and will include social and financial factors. These guidelines and recommendations will serve the industry and assist adoption of RIM’s Graduation Model within network institutions.

Expected Outputs/planned Accomplishments

Presented in a paper (approximately 5-10 pages) and an MS Excel model, this group will provide recommendations or guidelines for network risk reporting within MIVs or MFI networks. These guidelines should give general and specific recommendations on network risk reporting with the following scope:

  • All risk areas of RIM’s Graduation Model should be covered
  • The focus of network risk reporting should be quantitative
  • A clear recommendation on which risk data can be aggregated and which data should be reported separately

Frequency of Meetings:

5-6 times a year


Chair: Open
First Secretary:
Second Secretary:

Network Risk Reporting Working Group Details

Start date:  Q2 2016

Period of time (estimated): 1-2 years

Frequency of meetings: Quarterly

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