Steering Committee

The Steering Committee acts as the active branch of RIM’s Voting Members, providing governance, advisory, and strategic support to the Director to ensure the mission and vision of RIM is achieved.

  • Hold quarterly Steering Committee meetings;
  • Uphold the mission and vision of RIM;
  • Conduct performance reviews of the Director;
  • Steering Committee members must participate in at least one other RIM committee;
  • Leverage personal and organizational networks for the success of RIM;
  • Provide advisory support to the Director;
  • Communicate initiative updates to the Voting Members, when required;
  • Communicate on behalf of RIM, when required;
  • Determine the height of annual contribution

Massimo VIta, Microfinanza Srl. - Chairperson

Massimo VitaMassimo VIta, RIM Steering Committee Chairperson

Massimo joined CreditAccess Asia in January 2016 as Head of Operations Support Team. Before CreditAccess, Massimo worked as TA Field Expert in the REGMIFA Technical Assistance Facility managed by Symbiotics SA, based in South Africa, responsible for identifying technical assistance needs of MFIs in Sub-Saharan Africa, drafting technical assistance project proposals, selecting consultants and evaluating the implementation and impact of the technical assistance projects. Prior to this, Massimo carried out a number of consultancies in corporate governance, risk management, and business planning worldwide as partner of Microfinanza Srl. He is also a founder of Microfinanza Rating Srl, an international microfinance rating agency, where he performed 100+ rating missions worldwide, managed the startup of two offices in Latin America, held the position of Operations Director worldwide and of a Board member for the African Microfinance Transparency association. In collaboration with Promifin Cosude  managed by Triodos Facet, he developed a number of technical guides and tools intended to evaluate the effectiveness of MFI governance in providing oversight and strategic guidance. Massimo also collaborated with Unido at the SME department and worked for Anderson in the provision of audit and risk consulting services for financial institutions. Massimo graduated in Economics and holds a Master’s Degree in Development Finance. He is currently a partner of Microfinanza, member of the Governance Working Group managed by CFI at Accion and a faculty member at the Microfinance Training Program for the Boulder Institute.

Matthew Genazzini, ADA - Secretary

Bio coming soon

Alexander Pinhammer-Zschocher, Access Microfinance Holding AG

Alexander Pinhammer-ZschocherP_Alexander_Pinhammer_xnewx_100x125

Since 2010, Alexander has been working for Access Microfinance Holding AG (AccessHolding)/LFS Financial Systems GmbH at the Head Office in Berlin, Germany. He is the Head of Group Risk Management & Controlling Department and is responsible for the development of common risk management standards in the network banks. Alexander has also worked in the Accounting Department of AccessHolding and was involved in the establishment of the group accounting function. During various field missions in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Caucasus region he has developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities in risk management.  In addition to consulting and supporting network banks, he organizes group-wide workshops and is trainer at the AccessCampus Learning Centre.

Before joining LFS, Alexander worked for six years with a major international consulting and audit firm, providing business audit and risk consulting services for small and medium banks in the financial sector in Germany. Alexander has a M.Sc. in Economics from the University of Bonn. Alexander speaks German, English and French.

Brian Cox, MFX Solutions

Brian Cox imgres

Prior to starting MFX, Brian ran the Europe and Eurasia Division at the U.S. Treasury Department and oversaw a $70 million fund supporting bank-based microfinance in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union. He also served as Executive Vice President of the US-Russia Business Council, as a consultant to microfinance investors, and as an analyst in a venture capital firm. As an entrepreneur, he started a company building houses in Eastern Europe and Africa. Brian has a BA and MBA both from Stanford University. Brian is fluent in French with basic Spanish and Russian.

Magdy Moussa, Alexandria Business Association (ABA)

Magdy Moussa

Magdy Moussa is currently the Executive Director of Alexandria Business Association (ABA) in Egypt. He has more than 28 years of experience in international agencies, NGOs, and Government of Egypt – working as a regional and global advisor for the World Bank, UNDP, IFAD, USAID, AfDB and directing the work of PlaNet Finance in the Middle East and Near East Foundation in the Eastern Mediterranean region. Magdy has authored a number of internationally-renowned papers and strategy documents in Egypt, Syria, Sudan, and a host of Gulf and African countries.