RMGM Assessment Toolkit

About the RMGM Assessment Toolkit

RIM has developed the RMGM Assessment Toolkit as a step-by-step guide for the contracting party and the assessors implementing the RMGM Assessment process within an MFI. This toolkit is divided into three distinct sections:

1. Overview
2. Administrative Guide
3. Technical Guide

The Administrative Guide is aimed at RMGM assessors as well as contracting parties and provides guidance on the administration of RMGM Assessments, including subsections related to gaining buy-in, negotiating and contracting, and post-assessment administration.

The Technical Guide, is aimed at RMGM assessors and provides guidance on the technical implementation of the RMGM Assessment methodology. This includes off-site preparation, on-site assessment, analyzing results, the Institutional Graduation Path Workshop, and concluding the assessor’s visit. At each of these steps, the Toolkit is accompanied by practical tips and tools that should inform the assessor’s implementation of the RMGM Assessment.

Practical Tools