RIM launches website for microfinance industry

Washington, DC– The Risk management Initiative in Microfinance (RIM) today launched an official website for the microfinance industry. The website, www.riminitiative.org, will provide a dedicated virtual hub for the dissemination of risk management standards, information sharing, and industry cooperation.

RIM Director, Kevin Fryatt, said the website is an important step in bringing together like-minded organizations to share information about risk management. “As an industry initiative, RIM’s main focus is on the development of microfinance risk management standards, information sharing, and industry cooperation,” said Mr. Fryatt. “The website will provide a virtual platform where microfinance industry experience and knowledge in risk management can come together in a single location,” added Mr. Fryatt.

From its inception, the RIM website will provide information about the initiative and its current activities as well as providing avenues for industry actors with a vested interest in risk management to get involved. RIM’s web offering includes the development of its best practice Risk Management Graduation Model, a pathways-based, scalable risk management framework for microfinance institutions at different levels of development.

The Risk Management Graduation Model brings together decades of microfinance risk management experience into a risk management framework which can be adopted by microfinance institutions in an effort to standardize and develop their risk management capabilities. RIM’s Risk Management Graduation Model and its associated diagnostic tool will be made available to microfinance institutions globally as a free download.

For more information about RIM or the Risk Management Graduation Model, visit: www.riminitiative.org


About RIM: RIM is a collaboration of organizations with a vested interest in raising the standards of risk management in the microfinance industry. RIM provides a platform for risk management standards development, information sharing, and industry cooperation. RIM’s founding members include: Appui au Développement Autonome (ADA), Calmeadow, Center for Financial Inclusion at Accion (CFI), Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA), Microfinanza Srl, Oikocredit, and Triple Jump B.V.

For more information, visit www.riminitiative.org or contact RIM’s Director, Kevin Fryatt at info@riminitiative.org.

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